Biological micro-vibrations – an indispensable resource for life and health

For a long time, vibrations were considered to be harmful. Many people are only too well aware of vibration syndrome. On the other hand, vibratory massage devices, believed to only be able to be used on healthy people and for short periods of time, are also well-known. Studies by scientists at the beginning of the 21st century did not just refute this notion, but also proved that micro-vibration not only does no harm to the organism but is actually indispensable for the life of multi-celled organisms. Micro-vibration, like heat, is one of the most vital resources of all warm-blood animals.

Type Amplitude, mm Frequency, Hz
Vibration 0.1-10 0.1–100 000
Biological micro-vibration 0.0001-0,05 0.1-10

Heat is indispensable for intermolecular interactions while micro-vibrations are required for cellular interactions. Micro-vibrations in the tissue of the human body are generated by the contraction of just one muscle cell. Billions of muscle cells regularly contract, thereby providing tissue with the necessary micro-vibrations. During the contraction the muscle cell consumes stored biochemical energy. As a result, there is always a lack of micro-vibrations in the organism. Having said that, the anatomical structure of humans and animals is surprisingly-well adapted to the rational generation and transmission of micro-vibrations caused by muscular activity.

Biological micro-vibration has a long medical history

Even at the time of Hippocrates, medicine was aware of the positive influence of animals on healing. Riding on horseback with no saddle, placing a purring cat on an ill area and other methods using animals to treat serious diseases have been used since ancient times. Back then nobody suspected that the main therapeutic factor was the micro-vibrations transmitted to the human tissues directly in contact with the animal.

The discovery of the 21st century

Medical science has known about the micro-vibrations generated by muscle tension for a long time. With regards to this phenomenon the renowned scientist Nickolai Arinchin wrote that “The muscle is the peripheral heart”. Fitness training and breathing exercises are based on this knowledge. A discovery made at the beginning of the 21st century proved that the some muscle cells contract around the clock, i.e. even when fully resting, thereby creating the basis for micro-vibrations.

The body uses microvibrational energy for the following purposes:
– Simulating the lymphatic drainage of the tissues through the valves of the lymphatic vessels;
– Ensuring the circulation of blood through the vein valves;
– Transporting immune cells to the tissue and removing dead cells;
– Ensuring the reconstruction of the cellular structure during regenerative processes;
– Bringing primary stem cells out of the bone marrow into circulation.*

The origin of biological micro-vibration deficiency

The low micro-vibration baseline level, especially during sleep, blocks the body’s own healing and revitalisation processes. A micro-vibration deficiency can be general or local. The causes of micro-vibration deficiency are varied. They may be due to the depletion of energy resources in the cells or any problems concerning the transmission of nerve impulses, for example because of oedema in the region of the vertebral column.

Biological micro-vibrations are generated by:
– The contraction of muscle cells;
– The vibrations of the vocal cords due to air flow.

There is a deficiency of micro-vibrations in the acoustic frequency range (i.e. 20-10,000Hz), which is probably why a newborn baby cries so loudly. The muscle tissue provides itself with micro-vibrations and by doing so also transmits them to the adjoining organs. However, if the muscle cells are exhausted or the transmission of the nerve pathways is disturbed, this creates a vicious circle which is very difficult for the organism to break without outside help.

Compensating for biological micro-vibration deficiency

Devices which help compensate for micro-vibration deficiency in the tissues had been developed long before the discovery of the human micro-vibration baseline and are called fonotherapeutic devices. The micro-vibrations generated by these devices penetrate into all the organs and tissues up to a depth of 10 cm, due to the special design of the transducers, i.e. vibrophones.

The process of therapeutic exposure which compensates for biological micro-vibration deficiency is called microvibational therapy or fonotherapy. The design of fonotherapeutic devices is patented. The devices are produced under the trademark “Fonovit” which is Latin for “sounds of life”. Micro-vibrations hardly travel through the air which is why the vibrophones of the devices have been specially designed to attach tightly to the skin in all areas of the body. The devices use a continuously changing micro-vibration frequency to provide the required micro-vibration amplitude across the whole range of biological frequencies.

*Please note that treatment effects are based on individual experiences. We can not guarantee the same results for all users of Fonovit therapy. In order to ensure the best patient service, we offer the possibility of unconditional return of the device within 30 days in the absence of positive treatment results.

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