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Fonovit 2




Fonovit 2 – The latest model of our microvibrational device to help compensate a deficit of natural microvibrations, and accelerate the blood and lymph circulation. Why is Fonovit 2 better than Fonovit?

  • Fonovit 2 has an improved frequency selection based on new scientific research in microvibrational therapy;
  • Fonovit has 2 types of vibraphones – one pair for the torso, and one for the lower and upper limbs;
  • Better treatment results thanks to the different effects of individual vibrophones, with less time spent on each procedure;
  • 9 different operating modes;
  • Easy to use and mobile device, thanks to the built-in battery and the supplied storage bag.

*Please note that treatment effects are based on individual experiences. We can not guarantee the same results for all users of Fonovit therapy. In order to ensure the best patient service, we offer the possibility of unconditional return of the device within 30 days in the absence of positive treatment results. More info ›