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Degenerative disc disease

The main cause of spine diseases is due to a harmful factor which leads to a gradual or rapid accumulation of damaged cells of bone tissue and inter-vertebral discs. The damaged cells of the spine are gradually pressed upwards, where they are removed through the lymphatic system. Micro-vibrations are involved in the disposal of dead or damaged cells. If the cells are not removed rapidly enough, deposits start to form on the surface of the vertebrae.

Herniated disc – Rehabilitation without surgery

The treatment of herniated discs resembles repair works on a ferry travelling across a fast flowing river, where it is impossible to stop the flow of water completely.

The vertebral column is supported by the firm yet flexible intervertebral discs as well as the muscles. Weakened herniated discs are not able to hold the vertebra firmly along the body’s physiological axis, thereby increasing the pressure on the muscles in this area.

Back pain

Written by Dr. Eugene W. Litwinenko
Lecturer at the Department of Neurology

The cause of back pain, if not associated with trauma, is often due to the overloading of the back muscles or edema. It is therefore important not only to deal with the pain, but also to strengthen the back muscles, eliminate edema and restore blood and lymph circulation in the spinal cord.

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