This area is subjected to high stresses, which increases the likelihood of the formation and accumulation of dead cells in the tissue, which in turn can lead to degenerative changes. Dead cells are removed via the lymphatic vessels and the cell’s own micro-vibrations play a crucial role here. If the body’s own micro-vibrations generated by physical activity are insufficient, the body requires an outside source of micro-vibrations.

Course of scheme for heel spur with Fonovit

Area of application Mode Start time Increase in time End time
Heel spur area 2 4 min. + 2 min. daily 10 min.
Kidneys 2 4 min. + 2 min. daily 20 min.
Heel spur area 4 4 min. + 2 min. daily 7 min.

The procedure is performed twice per day. Microvibrational treatment is very simple. The Fonovit device generates micro-vibrations in audible sound frequencies which are identical to the biological micro-vibrations of our cells. Special transducers, such as vibrophones, transmit these micro-vibrations to our body by direct application to the skin. Sound micro-vibrations are natural to any living organism and have a beneficial effect on the organs and systems. This is a kind of massage, which takes place at cellular level.

The regular use of microvibrational therapy with the Fonovit device brings the following benefits:

  • Rapid reduction of pain and swelling without painkillers;
  • Increased immunological resistance of the body;
  • Treatment of the cause rather than suppressing the symptoms;
  • Increased immunological resistance;
  • Convenient and comfortable treatment at home;
  • Treatment of other conditions related to blood flow and lymphatic system disorders.


How quickly can the effects of microvibrational therapy be observed?

It depends. Treatment typically lasts 2 weeks, but for long, chronic diseases it can last up to 3-4 months, although the first results are visible in 10-15 days*.

Is microvibrational therapy safe?

Treatment with micro-vibrations is safe and has no side effects. The Fonovit device uses a frequency range and vibrational amplitude, which corresponds to the natural vibrations of micro organisms.

Is microvibrational therapy suitable for home use?

The Fonovit device is suitable for use at home and can be used by the whole family.

Are special skills required to use the Fonovit device?

The Fonovit device is easy to operate and can even be used by small children.

Many people ask if the microvibrational treatment of the kidneys and liver can be avoided?

Yes, but only in younger people. The body regenerates as fast as the kidneys and liver can cope with the cleaning of the blood and lymphatic systems. After the age of 40 the activity of these organs slows. The microvibrational treatment of the kidney and liver areas improve their ability to function, promotes the normalization of blood pressure and consequently increases overall well-being*.


*Please note that treatment effects are based on individual experiences. We can not guarantee the same results for all users of Fonovit therapy. In order to ensure the best patient service, we offer the possibility of unconditional return of the device within 30 days in the absence of positive treatment results.