This process is called degenerative disc disease. The body responds to the rate of accumulation of damaged cells. If damaged cells are deposited, the gradually development of the disease can be asymptomatic. When the accumulation of dead cells reaches a certain point, swelling and inflammation in the surrounding soft tissue begins. This process is known as inflammation of the nerve roots and is very painful. On the first day after the onset of inflammation, people usually wait and watch idly what happens.

This is a mistake. Even if the pain was short-lived and the movement constraint was only limited, it means that something has happened. The swelling does not appear immediately and the problem often does not reach an advanced phase until the next day, so the first actions are very important. It should be noted that the cause of the pain can also be a disc, herniated many years ago which is now, in conjunction with a progressive deformation of the spine and overload, causing pain. Our recommendations regarding the action to be taken upon the first onset of pain are described in the subsection “back ache“.

The degenerative disc disease or, as it is often referred to, degenerative-dystrophic disease of the spine, is a process that depends on age, lifestyle and professional occupation. Therefore, the organism should be supported not only by reducing pain, but by preventing it altogether. To do this, the cause of the disease has to be determined.

Why do exacerbations happen?

An exacerbation is the body’s response to a sudden increase in the dead cell count in lymph nodes. The increase can have two causes – a sudden increase in dead cells due to spine overburdening (lifting heavy weights for example) or a sudden increased rate of diffusion of previously dead cells from the tissue of the spine due to a stronger muscle activity or an intense massage. The increase in muscle activity can be caused by a common cold or a sudden increase in physical activity for example due to start of the gardening season.

In order to avoid exacerbation, the accumulation of dead cells should be prevented. This is possible by reducing the rate of cell deaths and by accelerating the elimination of these “leftovers” from the tissue to the lymphatic system by using different types of physical therapy:a daily shower and microvibrational treatment, which is easy to dose and can be performed daily at home.

In order to reduce cell damage, methods have to be taken to protect the spinal cord against external factors. The spine must be protected against overloading. Attention should be paid to the right gait, avoiding stumbling, especially while carrying weights, avoiding cycling on poor-quality roads, etc.

In our opinion, it is most important to focus on daily microvibrational treatment procedures. It supplies body tissue with the right amount of micro-vibrations which are required by the lymphatic system to remove dead cells and residues.* The time spent on the treatment is compensated for by the improved physical condition, overall better well-being and significantly reduced susceptibility to disease.*

Treatment of degenerative disc disease and spinal nerve root inflammation

The treatment of the spinal conditions – degenerative disc disease and inflammation of the nerve roots – using Fonovit is practised in many European countries and has proved itself to be very effective.

Regular application of microvibrational therapy with Fonovit brings the following benefits:

  • Rapid reduction of pain and swelling without painkillers;
  • Increased immunological resistance of the body;
  • Treatment of the cause rather than suppressing the symptoms;
  • Convenient and comfortable treatment at home;
  • Treatment of other conditions related to disorders of the blood and lymph flow.*


How quickly the effects of microvibrational therapy can be observed?

It depends. Typical treatment lasts 2 weeks, but for long, chronic diseases can last up to 3-4 months, although the first results are visible in 10-15 days.*

Is microvibrational therapy safe?

Treatment with micro-vibrations is safe and has no side effects. The Fonovit device uses a frequency range and vibration amplitude which correspond to the natural vibration of cells.

Is microvibrational therapy suitable for home use?

The Fonovit device is suitable for use at home and by the whole family.

Are special skills needed to use the Fonovit device?

The Fonovit device is easy to operate and can even be used by small children.

Many people ask if the microvibrational treatment of kidneys and liver can be avoided?

Yes, but only in young people. The body regenerates itself as fast as the kidneys and liver can cope with the cleaning of the blood and lymph systems. After the age of 40 the activity of these organs slows. The microvibrational treatment of the kidney and liver areas improves their ability to function, promotes the normalisation of blood pressure and consequently increases overall well-being.*


*Please note that treatment effects are based on individual experiences. We can not guarantee the same results for all users of Fonovit therapy. In order to ensure the best patient service, we offer the possibility of unconditional return of the device within 30 days in the absence of positive treatment results.