Edema is only removed through the lymphatic vessels by the energy of cell micro-vibrations. The cell’s own micro-vibrations occur due to the continuous work of the muscles. If muscles are overloaded and tired, their efficiency drops and so does level of micro-vibrations. This causes edema develops, which does not allow the muscles to regenerate, creating a vicious cycle. The weakened muscles fail to protect the spine properly. Just a small amount of physical effort can lead to the displacement of a spinal disc or hernia. Stumbling down the stairs, running or the sudden lift of a heavy weight can be dangerous. To prevent complications, special care is advised.

The worst pain comes in the morning. At night the overloaded muscles relax completely and strong edema develops.  The pain can be so severe that just getting out of bed can be a challenge…

The essence of the problem – The primary supporters of the spine, the back muscles, are overloaded and there is no way for them to relax without causing edema. Electro-stimulation eliminates muscle swelling, but does not restore their efficiency.  Diuretics reduce the edema, but do not restore the muscle function. Traditional massage is risky because it can trigger a severe reaction in the body. If there is swelling, massage helps to reduce the pain, but after 6 hours, especially in the morning, the swelling returns and is even worse.

Consequently, every case of back pain should be based on tried and tested principles.

First steps in the event of severe back pain:

  • Immediately cease any physical activity, even if you feel that you are able to continue.
  • Avoid travelling for 1-3 days, even by car.
  • Do not upset or jerk the spine, be careful when sitting down and standing up. Try to take gentle steps when walking, limit sharp bending forward and turns. Do not lie down 6-8 hours after the onset of symptoms. Pain must be “walked” through. Do not take any positions that cause the back muscles to relax. It is the active work of the muscles which protects them against further injury and edema.
  • Over the next two days do not bathe or take a shower. Do not use the sauna. Do not massage the area of the pain – doing so will bring temporary relief, but will also increase the edema.
  • The edema should be eliminated by micro-vibrations (not to be confused with vibrations). This is a natural and safe method which enables your own body to deal with the problem. Use special devices that generate micro-vibrations.*
  • In the first two nights, in order to prevent the development of edema, the amount of sleep, depending on the condition, should be limited to 2-3 intervals,  interrupted by a 15-20 minute walk (after 3 hours of sleep) or some exercises while lying down. Do not sleep for more than 6-7 hours. Lack of sleep can be compensated for during the course of day. Where possible, the microvibrational treatment of the kidneys (which acts as diuretic and reduces edema) and the affected area of the spine (to strengthen the affected muscles) should be carried out immediately. In the event of a strongly progressive edema the procedure should be repeated three times daily.

The benefits of microvibrational therapy with Fonovit

Micro-vibrations via the blood and lymphatic vessels allow food to be delivered to muscle cells and waste products to be removed. Micro-vibrations cleanse the organism of waste and the remains of dead cells. The muscles then regain their efficiency, the swelling subsides and the pain is reduced or completely fades away.* The microvibrational treatment of the area of the kidneys and the liver is no less important than the local treatment of the spine. These organs are the body’s “sewage treatment plant” and are responsible for filtering the blood from the by-products of muscle work.*

Normally the muscles around the kidneys generate sufficient micro-vibrations, but after the onset of disease an external source of micro-vibrations is needed. The treatment of the kidney area with a Fonovit device leads to an improvement in their function and consequently also improves the functionality of the muscles. *To maximize the results, microvibrational treatment is also extended to the liver, a major organ which neutralizes toxins and supplies the blood with energy.* The Fonovit device revives the cells that are responsible for the detoxification and saturation of the blood with energy substances.

[…] In December 2014 I had an operation to remove a stabilizing plate on my left forearm after a fracture. After surgery I used Fonovit for several days (two to three times a day). This led to a rapid decrease of the edema as well as the pain and also gave me a higher level of comfort when moving my left arm (the range of motion hasn’t changed, but it’s easier to make gestures). I’ve also recommended the use of this device to my patients with lumbar spine pain syndrome due to a herniated disc, and to those with adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder. The patients have reported less pain after a series of treatments. Fonovit seems to be just the thing to relieve pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders.*

Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology
Dr. Zbigniew W. Muszynski


*Please note that treatment effects are based on individual experiences. We can not guarantee the same results for all users of Fonovit therapy. In order to ensure the best patient service, we offer the possibility of unconditional return of the device within 30 days in the absence of positive treatment results.