How can you improve your blood parameters? In addition to a healthy diet and medical treatment, it is crucial to improve the function of the kidneys and the adrenal glands. The effect of micro-vibrations in this area of the body leads to an improvement in the functioning of the kidneys and prepares the body for intensive treatment.* In the case of leg joints, the treatment should also be expanded to include the lumbosacral region of the spine or, if the complaint is in the wrist, the cervical region of the spine. Only then can the treatment of the joint be started. Treatment is much more efficient if an anti-inflammatory ointment is applied to the area of the joint right before the microvibrotional procedure.

The most affected joint should be treated first. Special transducers, i.e. vibrophones should be placed on an even surface and fit attached to the skin.

The treatment of the joint is continued with the treatment of the kidney area, whereby the duration of each procedure in the area of the joint should correspond to the time spent treating the area of the kidneys. This is because the improved blood circulation in the area of the affected joint will also increase the amount of waste in the blood vessels.* The body can not allow the blood to be contaminated by the by-products of the regeneration process. If the blood is cleaned/filtered too slowly, the regeneration will be slower. In this case, any efforts to improve the blood flow to the joint are pointless. And vice versa – the improvement of kidney function will contribute to more rapid regeneration. Therefore, the healing process of the degenerated joint has to start with the treatment of the kidneys. Any attempts to deal with arthritis and osteoarthritis without treating the kidney area will bring little success.*

Using Fonivit causes the uric acid deposits to dissolve. The bone is strengthened and it’s surface is flattened. At the same time the secretion of the lubricating fluid (synovial fluid) is increased, whereby the joint is relieved and the risk of joint damage is minimized.*

To prevent excessive strain on the body, the total duration of the treatment of different areas should not exceed 50 minutes. It is recommended to treat one joint at a time. Opposing joints can be treated successively, thereby continuing the daily treatment of the kidneys. This makes the treatment time longer.

To restore the functionality of the joint, a corresponding amount of blood has to be “pumped” through the joint. The amount depends on the duration of the disease and the quality parameters of the blood. It is not possible to heal a chronic disease in just one week. The pain can subside quickly if it was caused by an injury or a sharp movement. Months are needed for the treatment of chronic joint inflammation or arthritis, even though the first results can be observed after just 2 weeks.* A healthy diet will help speed up healing process.

An injured joint should not be fixed in position because the tissue needs to adapt to the actual conditions during the healing process. You should, however, avoid overloading the joint to avoid further injury. Joint movements should be slow and smooth. Do not lift or carry heavy objects. With diseases of leg joints, try to avoid putting the whole weight of the body on the legs in the first week. You should try to rest and perform physical exercises while lying down, which should be simple and natural movements. The stress on the joints should be increased gradually. Footwear should fit loosely and comfortably. On stairs, especially when going down, it is recommended to hold onto the banisters.  It is advisable to use a cane while walking. If the disease affects other joints, apply the following rule: reduce the strain, especially in the first phase of treatment.

Patients suffering from high blood pressure may sometimes experience an increase in blood pressure during treatment. If this happens, the duration of a single procedure should be decreased by half and the kidneys checked for possible inflammation. In the latter case (for example, kidney stones) the kidneys should be treated first.


*Please note that treatment effects are based on individual experiences. We can not guarantee the same results for all users of Fonovit therapy. In order to ensure the best patient service, we offer the possibility of unconditional return of the device within 30 days in the absence of positive treatment results.