Discovered in 1944 by the Austrian psychologist Hubert Rohracher, microvibrational therapy was first used in practice for the treatment and prevention of illness in the late twentieth century. The process is based on sound waves of different frequencies having an effect on pathological mutations. Following treatment, there was evidence of much improved blood and lymphatic circulation. The microvibrations also have a positive effect on the corresponding areas of the spine, liver and kidneys, thereby considerably increasing their performance.

The current model of the Fonovit device was developed in 2012 and in just a short period of time its medical effectiveness has already been recognised in several countries. The active principle is very simple: the Fonovit device has an effect on the body due to microvibrations, whereby the frequency range and the amplitudes of the vibrations correspond to the body’s own microvibrations. The blood and lymphatic circulation in the area of the illness is thereby improved considerably.

The high effectiveness of the treatment, which could not be fully explained by established medicine for a long time, was finally disclosed by the discovery of vibrations in the body’s own tissue, which alongside oxygen and energy is one of the most important resources the body has. It turns out that the effects of microvibrations on the body tissue do not just improve the blood and lymphatic circulation, but also give the tissue microvibrations – one of the key resources of the body, the lack of which often means that the body is unable to cope with illness itself. In line with this discovery new, more effective treatment methods have been developed.*

*Please note that treatment effects are based on individual experiences. We can not guarantee the same results for all users of Fonovit therapy. In order to ensure the best patient service, we offer the possibility of unconditional return of the device within 30 days in the absence of positive treatment results.