Fonovit – safe microvibrational therapy for home use

Fonovit is a unique therapy device which uses micro-vibrations to successfully treat and prevent a wide range of dysfunctions to various tissues in the body; Fonovit has been helping tens of thousands of people for over 20 years, while also improving their quality of life. The device is non-invasive and can be used at home without special knowledge or training. More information›
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The healing properties of sound

The functioning principle of Fonovit is based on micro-vibrations of the tissue at sound and infrasound frequencies (20-18000 Hz) with amplitudes of up to 100 microns. Micro-vibrations are ubiquitous in all living organisms and play an important role in transporting nutrients to individual cells.

Fonovit generates safe micro-vibrations with specific characteristics which complement the body’s own micro-vibrations, to improve the supply of nutrients and the condition of the surrounding tissue. Furthermore, each therapy program does not just involve local application, but also comprises a systematic approach to improve the functioning of the kidneys and the liver, and to promote the innervation of the spinal cord. This allows the symptoms – pain and complaints due to chronic illnesses – to be remedied while acute and chronic forms of various diseases can also be treated successfully.* More information ›


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Benefits of Fonovit

  • Activates the body’s own resources
  • No age restrictions (incl. newborn babies)
  • No risk of addiction
  • Non-invasive mode of operation
  • Flexible and individually adjustable
  • Safe and easy to use in your own home*